Thursday, April 16, 2009

C5 Biotech Patenting Conference

C5 (UK) will be holding its annual Biotech Patenting conference on June 16-17, 2009 in Munich, Germany. The conference will allow attendees to:

• Identify the principles followed by the courts and patent offices when determining inventorship and entitlement disputes;
• Capitalize on gene patenting and stem cell related inventions;
• Understand the practical impact of recent case law and other legal developments;
• Broaden your knowledge of effective claim construction to avoid patent challenges and defend the validity of their claims;
• Formulate strategies and tactics to conduct successful cross-jurisdictional litigation;
• Tackle the latest scientific and legal developments within antibodies in Europe and the U.S.; and
• Master the practicalities of biotech patenting in China and India.

In particular, C5 faculty will offer presentations on the following topics:

863L09-MUN • Review of key European case law developments affecting biotech patent practice;
• EPO examiner's perspective: An overview on biotechnology related patentability issues, with particular emphasis on antibodies and vaccines;

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