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Biotechnology – Life Sciences Industries in Malaysia

Biotech News

Biotechnology – Life Sciences Industries in Malaysia

Malaysia's life sciences industry encompasses three major sectors,
namely, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

The biotechnology industry encompasses various biotech products and
services derived from the utilisation of technology involving the
application of living organisms, their parts and components, or
biological systems and processes.

Malaysia is one of the world's 12 mega biodiversity centres with
abundant natural resources in flora, fauna and marine ecosystems. The
government is committed to promoting this industry as one of the new
growth areas and its concerted efforts have resulted in the
realisation of more joint-ventures and collaborations between local
and foreign parties in undertaking research and development (R&D)
activities for the production of vaccines, diagnostic kits and other
biotech related products.

Malaysia also offers skilled human resources, where Malaysia's
current National Education Policy emphasises on science and
technology. In Malaysia, there are 13 universities offering
biotechnology programmes with about 3,000 undergraduates studying
biotechnology annually, besides other post graduates programmes. The
Malaysian government estimates that over the next five years, there
will be about 23,000 research personnel and more than 5,000 R&D
scientists available in this field.

Malaysia also provides strong R&D support to investors. Due to its
agrarian roots, Malaysia has a well-established R&D expertise in the
agriculture and food industries, especially industrial crops, food
crops and ornamentals. There are also several science and technology
parks, incubation centres and clinical trials centres catering to the
needs of biotechnology and R&D activities. Examples of such
facilities are Technology Park Malaysia, Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Centre
for Health Innovation and Medical Enterprises (CHIME), UKM-MTDC Smart
Technology Centre and Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology
Research (MINT).

The Malaysian government is implementing new initiatives to
accelerate the development of the biotechnology industry. Measures
have been undertaken to integrate research activities at the state
level, encourage industry participation and attract investments and
quality human talents, provide specialised commercialisation support
services (patents, legal advisory, business plans, marketing plans
and partners sourcing).Priority areas identified include plant
biotechnology, animal biotechnology, medical biotechnology, food
biotechnology, industrial and environment biotechnology,
biopharmaceuticals, molecular biotechnology and bioinformatics.

The focus areas for futher development in the biotechnology industry
- Food biotech/Agro biotech
- Biopharmaceuticals (antibodies and vaccines)
- Nutraceuticals
- Biodiagnostics
- Industrial enzymes
- Strategic alliances and research partnership/joint discovery of
bioactive compounds for healthcare

The Malaysian pharmaceutical industry has the capability to produce
almost all dosage forms, including sterile preparations such as eye
preparations, injectibles, soft gelatine capsules and time release

Malaysian pharmaceutical manufacturers are focusing on high-margin
niche segments, adding value to existing products through improved
drug-delivery technologies, and increasingly moving into
biopharmaceuticals and branded generics including biogenerics in
order to remain competitive.

Local manufacturers have also developed and launched off-patent
generics and herbal products using their own brands. Currently, the
local industry is producing about 25 - 30 per cent of the domestic
demand, as well as exporting to the Asia-Pacific Rim countries, the
Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Europe. Total exports in 2004
amounted to RM498 million (US$130 million). With the admission of
Malaysia as a member of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and
Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation/Scheme (PIC/S) in January 2002,
the country's exports of pharmaceutical products received a boost,
especially among the member countries, which include the EU,
Australia and Canada.

The principal regulatory authority on the production, import and sale
of pharmaceuticals (including traditional medicines) in Malaysia is
the Drug Control Authority (DCA) of the Ministry of Health. As at
31st. December, 2004, a total of 205 pharmaceutical companies with
Good Manufacturing Practices certification have registered with the
DCA. Of these, a total of 74 companies are involved in the production
of modern medicines comprising mainly analgesics, antacids, anti -
hypertensives, diuretics, antibiotics and anti-histamines in the form
of tablets, capsules, drops, powders, creams, ointments, injectibles,
syrups, ophthalmic and nasal preparations. The remaining 131
companies are local traditional and herbal medicine manufacturers.
Malaysia's Intellectual Property laws conform to international
standards and provide adequate protection to both local and foreign
investors. The Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (IPCM)
was formed in March, 2003 taking over the functions of the
Intellectual Property Division (IPD) of the Ministry of Domestic
Trade and Consumer Affairs Malaysia, an indication of Malaysia's
commitment to providing a more conducive environment for better
implementation of IP rights.

Malaysia is also a signatory to the Agreement on Trade Related
Aspects of Intelelctual Property Rights (TRIPS). In addition to this,
Malaysia had ratified the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT) in 2003,
facilitating patent registration and consequently protection to
foreign inventions.Currently, the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and
related products (which include pharmaceutical goods, clinical
diagnostic reagents, gelatine or gelatine products, intravenous,
dialysis or irrigating solutions, vaccines, medicaments) are eligible
for normal Pioneer Status or Investments Tax Allowance incentives.
The development, testing and production of pharmaceuticals promoted
under biotechnology is eligible for High Technology Pioneer Status or
Investments Tax Allowance incentives.

Medical Devices

Malaysia continued to maintain its position as the world's leading
producer and exporter of medical gloves and catheters, supplying 80
per cent of the world market for catheters, and 70 per cent for
rubber gloves.
The production of medical gloves has moved up the value chain, with
higher quality and specialty gloves being manufactured such as low
protein, powder free medical gloves, safety gloves and clean room
gloves.Other medical device products manufactured in Malaysia include
syringes, surgical equipment, blood transfusion sets, blood pressure
transducers, dialysis solutions, medical gases, hypodermic /spinal/
AV fistula needles, medical tubes & bags, diagnostic radiographic
equipment, orthopaedic products and procedural kits.
Although the medical industry in Malaysia is currently concentrated
on the rubber-based products, more companies are moving into the
manufacturing of non-rubber based products made from plastics,
silicone and metal alloys.

The medical devices sector is expanding its manufacturing value chain
by moving from basic processes and conventional assembly to product
and process research & development, design and prototyping,
distribution and logistics.

The medical devices industry in Malaysia are currently not subject to
any regulations on quality with regard to imports, exports and local
production. Most medical products manufactured in Malaysia are self-
regulated and conform to internationally recognised quality standards
such as the Food and Drug Administration (United States), Department
Of Health (United Kingdom) and Bundesgesundheitsamt (Germany).
However, the Ministry of Health (MOH) is drafting the medical device
regulations in Malaysia and plans for registration of manufacturers,
importers and distributors of medical devices to commence in 2007. It
has been agreed in principle that the regulations would be aligned to
the guidelines drawn up by the ASEAN Harmonisation Working Party
(AHWP) and the Global Harmonisation Work Force (GHTF).

Investment opportunities are available for the following products :-
Electromechanical devices (e.g. electrocardiograph)
Active implantable devices (e.g. cardiac pacemaker, neuro stimulator)
Ophthalmic & optical devices
Other non-rubber based medical equipment

The goal of DK Malaysia Development, LLC is to promote investment,
business development, trade, and tourism to Malaysia and DK Malaysia
serves as a consultant to Malaysian government agencies (MITI -
Ministry of Trade and Industry Malaysia, MIDA - Malaysian Industrial
Development Authority and MATRADE - Malaysia External Trade
Development Corporation).

Take care and All the best,

Fred Plimley
Moderator - Linkedin Malaysia
President - DK Malaysia Development, LLC
(206) 309-0685
(909) 214-8783
(+44) 020 7193 7317
Skype ID: fredplimley

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Biotech News

Biotech News
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Biomoda, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: BMOD - News), Albuquerque, New Mexico, (http://, maker of patented early lung cancer detection testing and other cancer diagnostic technology, will be featured today in New York City's Times Square on the Reuters Sign, which soars 23 stories into the sky and is seen by more than 1.5 million people daily.

Source: Biomoda, Inc.

The 7,400 square foot digital billboard will feature a picture of Biomoda's patented porphyin molecule binding to a cancerous cell and glowing red under a florescent light, allowing a clinician to detect the cancer at a very early stage when it is still treatable.

Times Square, called The Crossroads of the World, in Midtown Manhattan is a vibrant shopping, restaurant and theatre district, famous for its annual New Year's Eve ball drop, where more than a million revelers crowd the area for the ball lowering. Its famous news ticker was first used in 1928 to announce Presidential election results, and it has announced the world's news ever since including the end of World War II, the assassination of President Kennedy, and man's landing on the moon.

"This is one of the most highly trafficked public places in the world and to use it to tell the Biomoda efforts to reduce the horrific toll cancer has on our society will have a dramatic impact," said John Cousins, President.

"Safe Harbor" Statement: This press release contains "forward-looking" statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements are based on management's current expectations and are naturally subject to uncertainty and changes in circumstances. Actual results may vary materially from expectations contained herein. Biomoda is under no obligation to (and expressly disclaims any such obligation to) update or alter its forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

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June 4:”Biotech After Hours” with Leroy Hood

Biotech News

June 4:”Biotech After Hours” with Leroy Hood By admin Leroy Hood, the famous president of the Institute for Systems Biology will be the special guest at the Richmond "Biotech After Hours," June 4, at the Jefferson Hotel. The event is being held in conjunction with the opening reception for ...


Biotech: Not Just For The Rich

Biotech News

Biotech: Not Just For The Rich
With a growing biotech industry, major universities and prominent hospitals in its midst, The Boston Globe pays a great deal of attention to biomedical research. And so as the BIO convention attracted some 20000 visitors to the city ...

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BIO-Europe 2007 Conference Brings the Business of Biotech to Hamburg, Germany

Biotech News

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BIO-Europe 2007 Conference Brings the Business of Biotech to Hamburg, Germany

BOSTON, Mass. Close to two thousand decision makers from biotech, pharma and finance will convene at the CCH-Congress Center in Hamburg, Germany, November 12-14, 2007 for the 13th annual BIO-Europe, the world’s largest standalone biotechnology partnering conference. Delegates from all parts of the biotechnology value-chain will come to BIO-Europe to efficiently identify, engage and enter into the strategic relationships that drive their business successfully forward. BIO-Europe is co-organized by EBD Group and the Biotechnology Industry Organization, in partnership with European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises.

It is anticipated that this year’s BIO-Europe partnering event will draw 2,000 industry attendees from almost 40 countries, representing over 1000 companies for three days of high-level networking. BIO-Europe features the industry’s most advanced Web based partnering system that delegates will use to generate in excess of 7,000 partnering meetings.

BIO-Europe features an exceptional 25,000-square-foot exhibit where companies, states and regional governments can showcase their offerings. Additional networking opportunities will abound at evening and special events.

General registration for BIO-Europe is now available at Early-bird registration with a discount of EUR 200 is available until August 31, 2007. For more information about this global partnering event for biotechnology, including housing and program updates, please go to the event homepage at, or visit EBD Group at booth #1059 in the BIO exhibit hall.

Advance media registration for BIO-Europe is now available online. Registration is complimentary for credentialed members of the news media. To register, please visit

About EBD Group

EBD Group is the leading partnering firm for the global biotechnology industry. Since 1993, firms in the life sciences have leveraged EBD Group’s partnering conferences, technology and services to identify business opportunities and develop strategic relationships that drive their business.

EBD Group’s conferences (run in collaboration with leading industry partners and international trade associations such as BIO and Eucomed) include BIO-Europe, the world’s largest stand-alone life science partnering conference; BIO-Europe Spring; the investor conference, BioEquity Europe (co-organized with BioCentury Publications); and the convergent medical technology partnering conference, BioDevice Partnering. EBD’s novel, web-based, partnering software system is also used at numerous third-party events around the world. Outside of the conference format, EBD Group’s consultants can provide hands-on assistance for firms seeking to in- or out-license products and technologies.

EBD Group has offices in Carlsbad, CA, Munich and London. For more information visit

Actor Michael J. Fox challenged the biotech industry

Biotech News

Whos funding innovation? Fox challenges biotech industry - Montpellier,France
09/05/2007 - Actor Michael J. Fox challenged the biotech industry to innovate and ensure basic research is translated into new treatments for patients ...

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Biotech News

Biotech News

European Biotech Industry Puts Patients First In New Manifesto Medical News Today (press release) - UK In a Healthcare Manifesto published today at BIO - the world's largest biotechnology gathering - the European biotech industry announces new policy ...

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Patrick Pushes $1B Biotech Investment
Chippewa Herald - Chippewa Falls,WI,USA
By KEN MAGUIRE. BOSTON - Gov. Deval Patrick proposed Tuesday that Massachusetts invest $1 billion in the biotechnology industry and challenge California as ...

State delegation drumming up business at biotech convention WKBT - La Crosse,WI,USA BOSTON A state delegation of about 200 people is in Boston this week for the world's biggest biotech industry convention. ...

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Survey Reveals Bostonians are Biotech-Savvy

Biotech News

Survey Reveals Bostonians are Biotech-Savvy

But Two-Thirds of Boston Residents Unaware of Local World-Class Biotech Facility

WORCESTER, Mass., May 3 -- A new survey reveals that Bostonians command a surprising general knowledge of biotechnology.

The survey, conducted by Kelton Research for Abbott (NYSE: ABT), a global healthcare company, also found that there is significant lack of awareness that one of the world's leading biotechnology research facilities is located in Boston's backyard.

Key Findings
Bostonians understand biotechnology's importance but have more to learn about the topic:
-- Close to two thirds of Bostonians (64 percent) could correctly define
biotechnology as the "use of biology and technology"
-- More than three quarters of Bostonians (77 percent) grasp that the
field of medicine has been revolutionized by the application of
-- Ninety percent of Bostonians agree that biotechnology is responsible
for developing better medicines
-- But Bostonians greatly overestimate the amount of time it takes to
produce biologic medicines. Nearly two-thirds (61 percent) think that
it takes more than a year to produce/manufacture these medicines.
While the research and development process for any medicine, including
biologics, can take up to 10 years, it generally takes about six weeks
to produce/manufacture many types of biologic medicines. Less than one
percent of Bostonians answered this question correctly.

Boston residents are unaware of local contributions to biotechnology.

-- Two-thirds (66 percent) of Bostonians did not know that one of the
world's premier biotechnology research facilities is based in
Worcester. Worcester is home to Abbott's Bioresearch Center.
-- Nearly four in 10 Bostonians (38 percent) were surprised to learn that
a biotech research and manufacturing facility is in their backyard.
"People appreciate biotechnology's contribution and what it can do for
them, but they assume it's being discovered and produced somewhere else,"
said Peter Isakson, Ph.D. and divisional vice president, Immunology
Research at Abbott's Worcester-based Bioresearch Center. "Groundbreaking
discoveries that address rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's disease and
psoriasis happen right here in Worcester,"
Boston believes biotech improves quality of life:

-- Nearly all Bostonians (94 percent) think that biotechnology research in
the greater Boston area will lead to new medical options
-- Some Bostonians would take drastic steps to alleviate chronic pain
associated with diseases that biologic medicines may help treat -- 15
percent reported they would never take another raise, give up five
years of their life or never retire. Fourteen percent would work
Saturdays for the rest of their life; and nine percent would never take
another vacation.
-- Bostonians agreed that certain types of chronic pain would make it
difficult to live a normal life, including headaches (40 percent),
joint pain (29 percent), and bowel pain (19 percent)
"Abbott is committed to novel treatments for serious conditions," said
John Leonard, M.D., vice president, Global Research and Development,
Abbott, and BIO Board Member. "Our scientists are at the forefront of
research and discovery in inflammatory diseases, oncology and neuroscience,
researching and manufacturing biologic medicines that address unmet medical
needs for people around the world."
About Abbott at BIO 2007
Abbott is a sponsor of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)
2007 convention, May 6-9, 2007, in Boston.
About Abbott
Abbott is a global, broad-based health care company devoted to the
discovery, development, manufacture and marketing of pharmaceuticals and
medical products, including nutritionals, devices and diagnostics. The
company employs 65,000 people and markets its products in more than 130
The Abbott-BIO 2007 Biotechnology survey was conducted by Kelton
Research via telephone to 500 Boston areas residents between April 6th and
16th. Quotas were set to ensure reliable and accurate representation of the
total Boston population age 18 and above. For this study, the margin of
error f is +/- 4.4 percent with a 95 percent confidence level.


Continuing Biotech Growth in Switzerland, Says Swiss Biotech Industry Report for 2007

Biotech News

Continuing Biotech Growth in Switzerland, Says Swiss Biotech Industry Report for 2007

The report, announced by partner organization Greater Zurich Area AG, presents Switzerland as a thriving location for Biotech and Life Sciences with excellent conditions for business, investments, IPOs, and R&D in the sector.

Zürich, Switzerland / Boston, MA May 4, 2007 -- In due time for this year’s BIO 2007 in Boston, Massachusetts, Swiss Biotech, the biotech consortium of Switzerland, has released its annual report 2007. The report, announced by partner organization Greater Zurich Area AG, presents Switzerland as a thriving location for Biotech and Life Sciences with excellent conditions for business, investments, IPOs, and R&D in the sector.

The Swiss Biotech Report 2007 gathers the key economic data of the Swiss biotechnology industry for the year 2006. The market indicators suggest that Switzerland continues to be a hotbed for biotech and life sciences. The sector’s sustained growth marks the increasing significance of biotech and life sciences as a driving and innovative force in Swiss economic growth.

Stiftung Greater Zurich Area Standortmarketing
Swiss Biotech represents currently 218 Swiss biotech companies, divided into 79 core biotech developer companies and 58 extended biotech developer companies, as well as 81 biotech suppliers, excluding multinational pharma subsidiaries. Of the 137 Swiss biotech development companies, 85% are active in so-called “red” biotechnology (human and veterinary medicine), 7% in environmental and industry processes (“white” biotechnology) and 8% in agriculture and food (“green” biotechnology).

Swiss biotech industry results

The following are among the key findings and figures in the Biotech Report:

Industry turnover for 2006 was CHF 6,424 million (2005: CHF 5,961 million, i.e. +7.8%);
Swiss biotech had approx. 15,000 employees;
R&D investment by private and listed companies was CHF 1,600 million (2005: CHF 1,533 million, i.e. +4.4%);
Swiss Biotech in 2006 achieved a combined CHF 917 million profit;
SWX Swiss Exchange saw 28% growth for SXI LIFE SCIENCES® and SXI Bio+Medtech indices;
Equity capital influx amounts to CHF 224 million (2005: CHF 177 million (excl. Speedel pre-IPO financing));
Close ties between business and academic worlds: 70% of R&D contributions is made by Swiss universities (e.g. ETH Zürich, EPFL Lausanne, and University of Zürich);
Swiss biotech has sophisticated means of technology transfer available (e.g. the “SystemsX” initiative and the advanced Swiss biotech network featuring over 40 science parks, think tanks and cooperation alliances).

According to the Swiss Biotech Report 2007, the past year has been exceptionally successful for biotech companies in Switzerland.

Solid growth for biotech companies in Switzerland

Various biotech and pharma start-ups listed on the SWX Swiss Exchange showed impressive overall growth (accounting for both, stock price and private investment): Actelion, well on its way towards its first billion CHF in annual sales even before the company’s 10th birthday, achieved 151%; Cytos grew 132%; and Arpida registered a strong result of +93% after a slow start. Basilea (+53%) and Speedel (+18%) also exceeded the Swiss Market Index of +16%.

In the past twelve months, three Italian biotech companies, BioXell, Newron Pharmaceuticals and Cosmo Pharmaceuticals, went public on SWX by crossborder listing. Together, the three companies have raised more than EUR 140 million, of which EUR 75 million alone is attributable to the IPO of Newron, making it the largest European biotech IPO in 2006. SWX Swiss Exchange has accounted for the largest IPOs in terms of transaction size in Europe for the last three years.

About the Greater Zurich Area AG
The Greater Zurich Area AG, a nonprofit organization, is the marketing association for the Greater Zurich Area business region. It recruits international companies abroad and assists them with setting up companies and making investments in the Greater Zurich Area. Its sponsor is the “Stiftung Greater Zurich Area Standortmarketing,” a public-private partnership that was established in November 1998. Since that time, its membership has grown to include the cantons of Aargau, Glarus, Graubünden, Schaffhausen, Schwyz, Solothurn and Zürich, the cities of Zürich and Winterthur, and several businesses.

About Swiss Biotech
The Swiss Biotech label was created in order to bolster the Swiss biotech scene at home and abroad and to ensure a uniform image. Swiss Biotech is a consortium of the Swiss biotech regions Bioalps, Biopolo, BaselArea and the Greater Zurich Area. Further members of this marketing alliance are SWX Swiss Exchange and the Swiss Biotech Association.

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Enhanced Capacity to Manufacture Therapeutic Proteins

Biotech News

Phyton Biotech Acquires Novel Glyco-Engineering Technology, Adds Enhanced Capacity to Manufacture Therapeutic Proteins

Magnus Precht, President of Phyton Biotech, Inc., has announced the acquisition from The Dow Chemical Company of a novel, proprietary technology and intellectual property platform for the engineering of glycosylation in pharmaceutical protein products.
This acquisition will be enhanced through a research collaboration with the Dutch research institute Plant Research International (PRI), part of Wageningen University & Research Centre and one of the innovators of the technology platform.

The announcement coincides with another milestone, the installation of a second 75,000 liter bioreactor at Phyton's German cell fermentation facility.

"Our acquisition and collaboration should be viewed vis-a-vis recent developments in the glyco-engineering field, such as Merck's acquisition of GlycoFi and Roche's acquisition of Glycart," said Mr. Precht.

Dr. Laurence Korn, the co-founder and former CEO and Chairperson of PDL (a leader in humanized antibodies) and an industry leader, stressed that this technology complements the unique new protein expression platform that Phyton is developing.

"The glyco-engineering capability Phyton has acquired could allow the
company to realize the full potential of its plant cell fermentation
expression system," said Dr. Korn, adding that Phyton plans to apply the
technology to humanizing glycosylation in monoclonal antibodies, a
multi-billion dollar market.

The glyco-engineering technology has the potential to diminish the
clinical effects of immunogenicity, optimize drug potency and increase drug
half life. For patients, a longer half life can mean less frequent

Phyton is already a leader in plant cell fermentation technology,
producing paclitaxel for Bristol-Myers Squibb's TAXOL(R) oncology product.

Phyton Biotech, Inc., is based in East Windsor, N.J. Phyton's
proprietary plant cell culture technology platform is used to develop and
manufacture products with applications in the pharmaceutical and biotech
industries. Its German subsidiary, Phyton Biotech GmbH, operates the
world's largest commercial cGMP manufacturing facility for plant cell
fermentation. Visit
* Taxol is a registered trademark of Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.

SOURCE Phyton Biotech, Inc.

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Biotech News

Biotech News

Roberts will be good leader of biotech effort By Phillip Brownlee
Robertspat2 Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., is a good choice to lead the Kansas delegation during the BIO International Convention, which runs Sunday through Wednesday in Boston. Roberts’ background on defense, agriculture and health care ...

Plan for biotech cluster at Kulim Hi-Tech Park The Edge Daily - Malaysia “We want to gather biotech companies, including pharmaceutical firms, to be concentrated in a single area,” he told reporters at the launch of Kedah ...

CED Announces Biotech 2007 Lineup - Raleigh,NC,USA
Durham — The Council for Entrepreneurial Development on Thursday confirmed the lineup for the eight panel sessions at Biotech 2007. ...

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WTF? Biotech Acronyms Are A PITA!

Biotech News

WTF? Biotech Acronyms Are A PITA!
The research world is beginning to resemble just so much gibberish. Everywhere one looks there is another acronym. And as two wags point out in the latest issue of BioProcess International, this is becoming an AGIFE (a growing issue for ...

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Boston Biotech News

Biotech News

Where Biotech?
By Keith Robison(Keith Robison)
Biotech's big industry trade group, BIO, is convening in Boston this weekend & that means lots of dough to various media and advertising groups. The radio ads claim 20K biotech leaders will be here. One very visible consequence are ...

BOSTON'S BIOSPHERE: Biotech convention could draw a record crowd n ...
The Patriot Ledger - Quincy,MA,USA
BOSTON - Beantown turns into ‘‘Genetown’’ on Sunday as the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center hosts the biotech industry’s biggest annual conference. ...

Law Firms Bet Big on Boston Biotech Show New York Law Journal - New York,NY,USA "We have a commitment to the life science area and to the biotech area,"
said Heller Ehrman's Stephen Davis, chairman of the firm's New York business ...

Biotech party revs up
Boston Globe - Boston,MA,USA
"It's like a magnet for activities," said John Chiplin, an Australian biotech executive coming to Boston this weekend. "And also Boston itself, ...

Biotech leaders head for Boston
Michigan Business Review - Ann Arbor,MI,USA Michigan faces a new challenge this year - convincing biotech colleagues that Pfizer's exodus doesn't mean the state's life sciences industry should be ...

Under microscope: Protesters target biotech bash, BU lab Boston Herald - Boston,MA,USA The idea is to impress leaders with the advantages of locating or expanding their biotech businesses in the city and state. ...

Police bracing for biotech protests
Boston Globe - Boston,MA,USA
He said officials are optimistic that protests will be peaceful, since there have been no major protests at recent biotech conventions. ...

New York biotech companies to travel to Boston for convention MSN Money - USA There will be 33 New York biotech entities promoting themselves at the Bio International Convention in Boston next week. ...

W.Va. sending large group to biotech convention Huntington Herald Dispatch - Huntington,WV,USA To identify potential biotech partners in the areas of environmental research, forensics and medical research, particularly focusing on cancer and ...

Active Malaysian presence at major biotech convention Malaysia Star - Petaling Jaya,Malaysia The MOUs will be inked between Malaysian biotech companies and their foreign counterparts throughout the four-day convention, which starts Sunday. ...

NS delegates off to biotech convention - Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada By TOM PETERS Business Reporter. David McNamara is hoping his trip to Boston will result in new business for the province. ...

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Biotech Sector To Get Further Boost With Signing Of MOUs Bernama - Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia The MOUs are mainly for foreign direct investment (FDI), tran

Biotech News

Biotech Sector To Get Further Boost With Signing Of MOUs Bernama - Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia The MOUs are mainly for foreign direct investment (FDI), transfer of technology and acquisition of technology related to the biotech sector, said Science, ...

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New Biotech Product Could End Up In Feed Today's THV - Little Rock,AR,USA Des Moines, IA -- Ethanol industry leaders say a new biotech product tha

Biotech News

New Biotech Product Could End Up In Feed Today's THV - Little Rock,AR,USA Des Moines, IA -- Ethanol industry leaders say a new biotech product that helps corn fight off pests could end up in exported animal feed and risk the ...

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

46 Quebec Companies and Organizations to Participate in BIO 2007 ...

Biotech News

Bio-technology success
Skyline College's intense Biotechnology program success continues to grow since 2003 when it partnered with Genentech's Biotechnology Company. The impact of 9/11 caused thousands of airport workers to be dislocated with no jobs.

SF Starting to Attract More Biotechnology Firms
Forum: The Bay Area Posted By: fflint Post Time: 04-29-2007 at 08:10 PM.

46 Quebec Companies and Organizations to Participate in BIO 2007 ...
Canada NewsWire (press release) - Canada It a wonderful opportunity to build relationships with world leaders in the biotechnology industry by making them more aware of Quebec's know-how and ...

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Boston beckons for kiwi biotech firms

Biotech News

Boston beckons for kiwi biotech firms - New Zealand
Thirty five New Zealand biotech companies and organisations will be showcased at the international biotechnology conference Bio 2007 in Boston, ...

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Business contest winners set sights on biotechnology Buffalo News - Buffalo,NY,USA The second-place team, Deliverex, which also wants to focus on biotechnology, won $10000 in start-up funding. A total of 15 teams, which matched up students ...

Generex Biotechnology to Ring NASDAQ Closing Bell on May 2nd SYS-CON Media - Montvale,NJ,USA WORCESTER, MA -- 04/30/07 -- Generex Bio

Generex Biotechnology to Ring NASDAQ Closing Bell on May 2nd SYS-CON Media - Montvale,NJ,USA WORCESTER, MA -- -- 04/30/07 -- Generex Biotechnology Corporation (NASDAQ: GNBT), the leader in drug delivery for metabolic diseases through ...

Biotech News
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New Zealand Science and Technology at Forefront of Global Movement to Build Sustainable Technologies

Biotech News
Biotech Marketing

New Zealand Science and Technology at Forefront of Global Movement to Build Sustainable Technologies
BIO 2007 Highlights New Zealand’s “New Thinking”: Biotechnology Applied in Sustainable Ways to Food Production, New Materials, Energy Resources, Human Health and More

2007 BIO International Convention
BOSTON New Zealand is a leader in the global movement to build new sustainable technologies that permit the development of innovative materials, renewable energy sources, more productive agriculture, and a variety of unique foods, drugs and medical products that offer benefits for human health and well-being. Recognizing the importance of biotechnology to achieving those goals, representatives of New Zealand biotechnology companies, research institutions and governmental organizations will showcase the country’s scientific excellence and rapidly growing biotechnology industry May 6 - 9 at BIO 2007 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Over 35 New Zealand companies and institutions will attend the international conference as part of a delegation led by The Honorable Trevor Mallard, New Zealand Minister of Economic Development, and Ambassador Roy Ferguson, New Zealand’s Ambassador to the United States. Ranked by multiple organizations as one of the best countries in the world with which to do business, New Zealand is reaching out at BIO to partner with leading U.S. and international companies and research institutions.

“New Zealand policy makers recognize the importance of life science research and biotechnology for delivering better outcomes for health, the environment and for industrial, agricultural and energy production,” said Dr. Chris Boalch, Director of Biotechnology, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. “Moreover, New Zealand is committed to biotechnology as a high growth sector with increasing importance to the country’s economy. This commitment, combined with the country’s recognized scientific expertise, global mindset, business-friendly economic climate, and diverse range of connections to other biotechnology industry communities throughout the world, make New Zealand an ideal place for life sciences-oriented business activities and investment.”

Future Farming for Better Health

Illustrating several ways in which New Zealand science and companies are at the forefront of deriving benefits for human health from renewable agricultural resources, New Zealand will sponsor a program on “Future Farming for Better Health” on Monday May 7, from 4:00 to 5:30 pm. This session, chaired by Paul McGilvary, CEO of HortResearch, will focus on how innovative farming practices are leading the world move to foods with improved health attributes. Participants in the session include Roy Ferguson, New Zealand Ambassador to the United States, Dietrich Ruelmann, Ph.D., of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, and Ian Boddy, Ph.D. of AgResearch.

US-North American Partnerships

Partnering on a global scale is a focus for New Zealand companies and scientists, who have forged a variety of successful relationships over the years leading to a growing transnational flow of ideas and investment. On Tuesday May 8, from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm, a panel entitled “Getting Connected with New Zealand: Global Partnerships from the True South” will focus on the reasons that New Zealand and North American biotech collaborations are such a success. Chaired by Dr Chris Boalch of NZTE, additional participants will include Hon. Trevor Mallard, New Zealand Minister for Economic Development and Minister for Industry and Regional Development; Marcia Rogers, Iowa Department of Economic Development; Paul Cossum, Ph.D., CEO of ProActa Therapeutics Ltd.; Elspeth Macrae, Group Manager Biomaterials Research, Scion; and Brad Duft, CEO of CoDa Therapeutics.

Hon. Trevor Mallard to Speak at BIO SuperSession Ministerial Seminar

On Tuesday May 8, from 9:15 to 10:45 am, Hon. Trevor Mallard, New Zealand Minister of Economic Development, will speak as part of the BIO Ministerial Seminar about the latest New Zealand initiatives to support New Zealand biotechnology innovation. In particular, he will discuss the planned extension of ongoing partnership between New Zealand and Australia to foster biotechnology ventures, which has already provided over NZ$12 million in grants since the fund was formed in 2004.

New Zealand Pavilion

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise will host a pavilion in the BIO 2007 Exhibition Hall. The pavilion will showcase a variety of New Zealand companies and research institutions in the areas including of plant and animal biotechnology, biofuels and industrial biotechnology, human medicine, biosecurity/traceability. The pavilion will include a meeting area for networking and one-on-one meetings during the conference. New Zealand will also co-host with Australia a joint wine tasting event on Tuesday May 8 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm, featuring fine wines from both nations. The New Zealand Pavilion is located at Booth 1711, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

For more information on New Zealand and its biotechnology industry, as well as its participation in BIO 2007, please visit

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